5 Important Signs Your Suspension Is Wearing Down

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When you drive your vehicle, many things are happening behind the scenes. One of the things happening behind the scenes is the car's suspension, which helps provide you with control over your car, and provides you with a smooth ride. It controls your vehicle handling and stability. It is an essential behind-the-scenes component that eventually wears out, which is why you should understand the signs that it is getting worn out.

#1: Uneven Tire Tread 

One of the first signs of uneven suspension is uneven tire tread. Uneven tire tread can occur for many reasons, one of which is issues with the suspension. If everything is running perfectly with your vehicle, your tires will not wear unevenly, so if your tires are wearing unevenly, you want to get them checked out.

#2: Drifting

When you are driving, your vehicle should not drift when you are driving on your own. If you notice that your car is drifting or pulling hard to one side when you try to drive straight, that means that one of your suspension components is not working correctly and that one side is worn down, causing your vehicle to pull to one side.

#3: Front-End Dipping

When you come to a stop, your suspension actually plays a role in your ability to stop. Your suspension helps to keep your braking smooth. When it is worn out and you apply your brakes, you will feel your vehicle lurch forward when you come to a stop. It will not feel smooth; this isn't a sign that your brakes are going bad — it's a sign that your suspension is wearing out. 

#4: Bumps

When you drive, things should be pretty smooth. You should enjoy an even ride, where even if you hit a few little bumps in the road, you are still going to enjoy a smooth ride. That is because your suspension absorbs most of the bumps on the road for you. When your suspension starts to wear down, you will start to feel all of the little bumps in the road, and your ride will not feel as smooth as normal.

#5: Low Corner

Finally, when a component is worn down on your vehicle, you may see it when your vehicle is parked. You may notice when looking at your vehicle that one side is sitting lower than the other side. You may also feel that when you are driving like the vehicle is lower on one side. This can also result in clunking sounds when driving on the side that is lower. 

When it comes to your vehicle, it is smart to understand how the suspension works and the warning signs when your suspension starts to wear out. You shouldn't drive with a worn-out suspension, so if you begin to think your vehicle isn't handling it right, you are going to want to get it checked out by an auto repair center.