Pre-Owned Cars: Why You Need One For Backup

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The average household has just over two cars. Still, there are many families that have multiple cars in the home: more than a third of American families have at least three cars.

If you have been on the fence about adding another vehicle to your household, there's good reason to give pre-owned cars a look. Adding a backup vehicle to your home can be beneficial in many ways, particularly if you don't go all-out with a brand new car. Here are a few reasons to consider adding pew-owned cars to your home for backup.

You don't have to schedule as much

If you are a household with more than one driver in it, then having a single vehicle leads to lots of planning with schedules regarding work, school, and other activities outside the home. Even if you don't plan on driving the vehicle all the time, buying a pre-owned car for your backup use will come in handy for the days that you need to have an additional car to get where you need to be.

This way, you don't miss out on work, you can be more flexible with your volunteer schedule, or you can be prepared for unplanned events, such as a medical emergency, child sick at school, or another event where having a vehicle is a necessity.

You don't have to worry about vehicle repairs as much

It can take an average of just a few days to a few months to fix a vehicle that has been involved in a wreck, or it can take a while to have a vehicle repaired if the chosen mechanic is booked out. If you need a car for your daily use, you cannot afford to be out a vehicle due to repairs, and not all insurance companies cover rental cars. Look at pre-owned cars at your local used car dealership so you can pick out a great, affordable, backup car to use for those just-in-case vehicle emergencies.

You don't have to worry about future drivers as much

If your family is still growing and you have children entering their teen driving years, then it's wise to invest in pre-owned cars now before they become an urgent concern. Have a backup car to use for your children as they get older, and you can spare yourself the expense and time of doing so later.

Speak to your auto insurance company about coverage requirements for a backup vehicle that doesn't get driven a lot and create a budget for pre owned cars before you go shopping.