Storage Potential: When Your Roll-Top Desk And Office Is A Moving Work Truck

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Some people have an office and a massive roll-top desk to store all of their business items. However, you are mobile and working out in the field all day, every day of the week. That is precisely why you need work trucks. These trucks are, in a nutshell, the exact thing that most closely resembles the roll-top desk with all of its drawers and storage space. Think about it; a roll-top desk has dozens of little drawers, weird little cubbyholes, etc., all for storing supplies. A work truck does too. Take a closer look. 

The Biggest Cabinets Right Behind the Cab of the Truck

The biggest cabinets on a work truck are located right behind the cab of the truck. They are like mini-closets because you can swing the doors open and put just about anything inside. Some of these cabinets allow you to hang and secure all hand tools and small power tools on racks inside. Others have shelves for everything from your lunch to your biggest ratchet wrench set. 

The Next Biggest Cabinets Are Right Behind That

The further back from the cab of the truck you go, the smaller the cabinets become. However, that does not mean that you will not have enough storage space for all of the supplies and tools you need on your truck. The second biggest cabinets are right behind the first set. These flip down along the horizontal plane instead of the vertical plane. There are a rack and shelves, along with a deep-set space for toolboxes. The flip-down cabinet door doubles as a work surface if you need a stable "table" on which to drill, screw, or hammer things. 

The Drawers and/or the Final Set of Cabinets Are All the Way Back

The last set of cabinets open like refrigerator doors. There is even more space here for tools that do not have a home in the rest of the cabinets on the truck. There are several drawers located in this set of cabinets so that you can store loose tools and fasteners or organize various boxes of nails, screws, bolts, and nuts. Even though this is the last set of cabinets on both sides of the truck, it is not the last area where supplies can be stored. Like the roll-top desk, there are more surprises on a work truck in the bed of the truck. 

Storage Areas in the Bed of the Truck

Inside the bed of the truck, there are more little cubbyholes for storage. What you cannot fit on the outside of the truck can go here. Drawers pull open to fit the smallest of supplies, and boards and what-have-you slide into place in the space between the mounted cabinetry in the back of the truck. 

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