3 Reasons To Buy Your Tires From A Tire Shop Vs. A Dealership

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When it's time to have maintenance done on your vehicle or when your car needs a repair, it might be your instinct to head into your local dealership. Even though this can be a good strategy for many things, you might want to skip the dealership visit when you're buying new tires. Instead, you might find that it's better to go to a tire shop. Here's why.

1. You'll Have a Bigger Selection

First of all, you should know that your dealership might not offer quite as many types of tires for you to choose from. Of course, you should be able to get tires that fit your car. However, if you'd like a nice selection of different brands and different types of tires, such as all-terrain, snow or mud tires, then you may want to head to a tire shop. Then, you'll have a lot more types of tires to choose from, so you can help ensure that you buy the right set for your car.

2. You Should Be Able to Score a Lower Price

Another thing that you should consider is the cost of your tires. Since tire shops buy so many tires in bulk, they are often able to get lower prices on them. This can result in you getting more affordable tires for your car. Since tires can be costly, it's good to look for ways to save money. Shopping at a tire shop rather than the dealership can be a good way to do so.

3. They May Throw in Some Extras

Many people head to the dealership automatically when they need to make repairs to their cars. However, tire shops often have to fight for business. Because of this, many tire shops offer special extras for those who buy their tires. Some offer a special discount if you buy all four tires at one time, for example, or might throw in lifetime tire rotation for free or for a cheap additional price. Little extras like this can make it completely worth it.

As you can see, even though it might be a good idea to head to your preferred dealership for other types of repairs for your car, you should probably head to a tire shop instead when buying new tires. If you choose the right tire shop, you should be able to find the perfect set of tires for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for Nissan tires or any other brand, there are sure to be options.