Three Reasons Why Only A Harley Davidson Dealer Should Fix Your "Hog"

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Harley Davidson motorcycles are synonymous with excellence and well-crafted. When your "hog" needs motorcycle services, you should only take it to a certified distributor and repair shop for these bikes. Here are some reasons why.

Respect the Company, Respect Your Bike

You would not allow a first year med student to perform open heart surgery on you, would you? Then why would you allow someone who does not know anything about this particular brand of motorcycle repair to provide maintenance for it? Respect the company that makes these motorcycles, and respect your own motorcycle by having the best and most knowledgeable people work on it for you.

Keep It Authentic

A motorcycle of this brand is only worth the sum of its original parts. Collectors only want to buy your bike from you if everything is intact, or at the very least, is from the same manufacturer. Most owners of these particular motorcycles almost never sell them, knowing that the bikes gain value with age. However, you can significantly decrease the value of your bike if you replace genuine parts with generic parts. Certified H.D. mechanics and distributors only install authentic parts to keep the motorcycles real.

These Mechanics Know "Hogs" Forward and Backward

When it comes to companies like Harley Davidson, they want mechanics who know the products forward and backward. They put their certified mechanics and distributors through extra training so that they know exactly what they are talking about and know exactly what they are doing. There is no fouling up a bike with a lack of knowledge and no selling a bike with a lack of expertise. If you have questions about your "hog," these are the go-to people to ask.

Maintenance Maintains More Than the Bike

Motorcycle maintenance on these bikes maintains more than just the proper working order of the machine. It maintains the value of it as well. If you keep your Harley Davidson in tip-top shape, regardless of the number of years and how often you have ridden/driven it, its value only goes up from the purchase price, not down. A particular, well-sought after model of this company's motorcycles once retailed for around twenty grand, but because of its rarity and how well kept some of them were, they resold for almost three times their original purchase price! If you want to make sure your "hog" is in top condition, find motorcycle services from your local Harley Davidson, such as the Mckinney, TX, location.