Four Benefits Of Buying A Ford F-150 Truck

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Everyone needs a truck at some point in life. You may need one to move something from one place to another, to pull your boat or camper, or to haul a load of dirt. While some people need one more often than others, there is nothing like owning one when you need it. If are a guy or girl looking to purchase a new truck, you don't want to overlook the Ford F-150 lines. While there are a lot of trucks on the market, there are not too many that can compare with the advantages of owning an F-150.


When it comes to automotive products, trucks come and trucks go. Many manufacturers will produce a model for a few years and then discontinue it as the demand declines for it. This is not the case of the Ford F-150. With the first model rolling out in 1948, Ford has been producing this vehicle for almost sixty years.

To keep the truck up to date and give their clientele what they are looking for, Ford has rolled out a new model which is referred to as a new generation approximately every 4-5 years. The current model which debuted in 2015 is the thirteenth generation produced. 


Ford has added numerous safety features to the Ford F-150 to ensure that you and your passengers avoid as many accidents as possible, as well as fare better in the ones you are involved in. Some of these features are as follows.

AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control - This technology works in conjunction with the antilock braking system and helps to reduce the chances of you losing control of your vehicle. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) studies show alone helps to reduce the risk of you being involved in a fatal single- vehicle crash by approximately 56% and reduces your overall risk of being involved in a single vehicle crash by approximately 41%.

Side Curtain Airbags - Unlike many other trucks, the Ford F-150 has side curtain airbags in four different locations. These locations are:

The safety features on the vehicle have resulted in the F-150 being able to attain a Good, or the highest possible rating, on both the front and side impact tests. 

Other optional safety features include:


When you choose a Ford F-150, you will be able to choose between four different engine options. You will have to choose between the 5.0 liter V8 that produces the most power and the 2.7 liter Eco Boost V6 that produces the best gas mileage.

If you do not want to go with one extreme or the other, you will also have your choice of the 3.5 liter and the 3.7 V6, both of which will be able to meet your needs. Your gas mileage will depend on the model you choose, but Ford is recording numbers that range from 18 to 21 combined mpg. These are numbers that will be competitive with any other models on the market. 


With improved fuel efficiency, spacious interiors, gorgeous body, and numerous safety options, you do not have to leave a Ford F-150 parked in your driveway until you need a truck. It can easily be your go to vehicle for your everyday driving. Visit your Ford dealership to pick out the one for you and your family and start enjoying all of the benefits that the F-150 has to offer. Once you buy your first one, you may drive one for generations to come.